Monday, June 8, 2009

Green and blingy II

My blingy thumb "fell off" And I relly really wanted to try out a whole nail full off blingyness!! :-D

So I filled my thumb, and also I changed my yellow dots to silver. And here is the result:

And also, today I found China Glaze in Norway!! (oh, joy!) And I bought Cherish:

I can't wait to try it on!


Lucy said...

How nice for you to find the China Glaze polish. I love that thumb. So pretty! The polish and the dots are lovely.

rijaH said...

Oooh i envy you and your thumb!!! :p

Alexlyndra said...

Åh så härligt mycket bling på naglarna! Kul att du hittade ChG lack hos er! Vi har väldigt dåligt utbud här i Sverige också.

The Princess said...

The rhinestones are so pretty!