Thursday, April 30, 2009

My green dream

I found a new nailpolish today! GOSH green hawaii!
It is a sheer green with multicolored glitter :-)

My computer is stil sick, so I am blogging from my phone. Don't know if I'll be able to load the photo :-D

I did manage to load the photo!

I have green nails with small black decorations. Again I used my self cut striper.


Last night I redid my nails (shock) and this time in purple! I used my two purple H&M's 'Great Looks' and 'Bad Temper'
I'm sorry for the crappy picture, but my computer "died" last night, and I had to take a mobile picture in bad lighting and send it to the blog... (Done!)

After applying my two base colors, I made a diagonal line withe my H&M 'gold' and 4 small dots in one corner. Hopefully I will be able to take a better picture during the day :-)

I also started taking vitamines for my nails :-) Vit B and zink. I've had them for ages, and finally I manged to remember to swallow them ;-)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Red Alert!

This is todays design! I wanted something red, and it is definetly red!

I used the following products:

My self-cut striping brush and one other self cut brush, a little larger than the striping one..
Base coat and top coat Kiss diamond nails
Base red: Mavala #53 London
Shimmer red: Depend #91
Gold: H&M Gold
Black: H&M Moonless night

First I applied the two different reds, one coat of each:

Then I put a small drop of the gold polish on a piece of paper and used the striperbrush to make a diagonal line. After lining all my nails, I painted on the other shorter line. (on my pinkie)

Then I filled in one half of my nail with the gold. I used a slightly larger brush, but not a polish brush. After that I traced the edges with the black, and Tadaaaa:

Monday, April 27, 2009

A little extra Neon

I have another picture from my weekend on a dark stage..

Saturday afernoon I bought a yellow neon from Depend, and I had to test it straight away on one nail, and:

It glows in the dark :-D

Dark blue with a golden corner

Today I tried out one of my two new L'oreal polishes, #700 Navy velvet, a dark blue shimmer! Until I started polishing my nails, I considered myself a non dark-blue-wearing person, but when the blue is so shimmery and beautiful, I'll definitly wear it :-) 

I decided to decorate the blue with some golden stripes, coming from on corner. I used my H&M gold and a self made striper brush :-)

And this is the bottle:

Purple pleasures

Today I changed the background on my phone, (of course it used to be green) and the new one inspired me to choose tonights color :-) In real life the phone and my nails match completely :-D

I painted the stars with a makeup brush, cut down to only a couple of straws. 

This picture shows the color best :-)

I used H&M great looks for the base color, and Moonless night for the star. I changed my mind from yesterday abut the color of moonless night. I'm shure it is black. With a green flash! :-)

It's not easy to get used to recognising polish colors :-s 

I'm still working on how to get the most realistic colors on pictures taken inside, and I am getting closer :-) I also avoided bubbles in my manicure today :-D I googled the subject earlier, and for me, the answer was to avoid water until the manicure is complete and dry :-) Duh..!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Black and greeen!

Today I'm spending my day playing the trumpet inside a dark concert hall and I wanted to try something fun! I used my H&M Moonless Night  as my base color,  When I bought it I tought it was a shimmer black, but now I think it is more daaaark dark green and black'ish.

Now too the fun part! A while ago orderd a pile of acrylic paint. And 6 of them are neons!

So, since I'm spending the day in darkness, I made neon green racing stripes :-D

Out of focus sunny picure:

Picture in the dark:

And what my left hand looked like after packing my bag for the day, without putting top coat on ... Yep, H&M is not a quickdry polish :-D

And a picture I took last night of yesterdays mani, It matched my can of cider :-D

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dior Day

Yesterday I put on one of my five dior polishes! (But the pictures are from today, and I obviously went to bed before it was dry... Another lesson learnt!)

It is red/purple and more shimmery than in the picture:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blue thursday

But first.. The purple I had on yesterday only lasted a few hours.. The whole thing came off my index finger, so I bet my basecoat and main color didn't go along..

Anyway, I'm planning a shopping frenzy at Head2toe, so I can get some real nailpolsh that actually stays on my nails!

Today, I'm wearing blue, and I found two of a "real brand" and I hope it will stay the day :-p

Nivea mini color: #57 Blue sparkle

H&M: Enchantress Emma

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pale Konad Purple

Todays archive color is purple. It is light and sheer. And I have three coats over a clear base. Some of the fingers are opaque, because the coats are thicker. The brand is Vera Valenti nr 11 and I guess it's portugese :-) I also use Konad plate nr M25 and white special polish.

It is more shimmery than in the picture, and I like it! I have a brown color in the same brand, and yay!! They are not just decoration colors :-D

Three down, many many to go.. :-p

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Red Red Red

Ok!  This is the start of my nail polish archive! I've started with the last polish I bought, Mavala nr 53 London. And this is only one coat. I must admit I'm still trying to learn all the expressions, and I am wondering if this is a jelly or a cream? :-D Never mind. It is red!

As my second coat I used a depend red sparkly polish, nr 91 I like!!

I will update the post with an outdoor picture in a few hours. And see if I still like it ;-)

So, the first two polishes in my archive :-D

Future plans

I am planning to try out all of my polishes. Quite a job, and I'm afraid it won't be to much fun.. A lot of them are relly hard too put on, and works best as nail art polishes, but I am shure that I will discover some that works like a charm!

Most of my polishes are unknown and cheep, and soon I will have an archive :-D

Wich brings me to my next plan. I really want to work on my pictures, so far I have focused on showing the design, and kind of trying to manipulate it to the right colors.. Now, I'd like to like to find a good setting on my camera for nails, and a good indoor lighting for the sunless days...

And also I'm twittering! And hopefully put my blog "out there"! I've been waiting until I get "really god at this". But why wait? I might never get "really good" :-D

Now I'll go and polish!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Acrylic paint!

I've tried it again and this time it stays!

I just used a normal basecoat and started painting with my acrylics!
I wanted to do a rainbow and after much struggling I sort of made it!

The uneveness was too visible so I added a layer of gold shimmer!

Much better!!

The problem then was that I could only do the rainbow with my left hand, so I had to come up with someting else on the other hand... I started with a green base color and then I got the idea to do the Brazilian flag! You would think that it would be harder to do with "the wrong hand" than the rainbow, but it wasn't :-D

I'm also working on my photos.. It's really hard to get the colors right...

I need more sunshine :-D

Friday, April 17, 2009

Purple shimmer

I have tested some acrylic paint on my nails, but I'm really not good at it (yet) but I will practice and I will blog my results :-D

So I removed my unphotografed acrylic and tried out something purple. I bought a dark purple and a light purple sparkle (i thought) from depend. The dark one was great, and when I put the sparkly one on top I got a holographic result. I couldn't quite get the colors right on my photo...

It's more silvery in real life :-) I tried out some green butterflies on top... Didn't really work :-p

Monday, April 13, 2009

Minty green

Yesterday I made a minty manicure and I plan on keeping it for a few days :-) (Update: a nail broke and I chnged it...)

I used a normal green polish for the Konad

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Color mix

I changed my nails again.. This time a mix of green and black (black with dark green)

I applyed my Sally Hansen Diamond base coat. And applied a thic coat of green. While it is still wet, i put a coupl of blak drops on top and mix with a tothpick.

I use too much black and the green was a little to dark for my taste as well. But now i know :-)

Glittery french II

I couldn't help myself and tried another french.

This time i Used 1 coat of base, and then a sheer gold. The tips I painted with a kind of mother of pearl white and then a clear topcoat.

And of course I had to do som konad...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Glittery French

This is my second time trying a french manicure, so it is not very good, but I suppose it takes some training. 

I've tried to do a normal french mancure, and then added some green glitter. And a Butterfly stamp on the thumb. Green, of course! (still working on how to get these stamps sentered ;-) )

I found this video on how to do a french manicure very helpfull :-)

Oh, and here is a French video from Mayparis! I would love to try the first technique next time I do a french :-) 

Monday, April 6, 2009


I went completely bananas...

And for only 20 € 

Some of the polishes need to be thinned to work properly, but aside from that I am very happy!

More colorful summer nails

I tried to make nails with fire by using a yellow base color and blending in orange and gold.. I was not very sucsessfull..

Actually it looks much better on the photo than in real life... I even tried to save it with gold shimmer on top.. No help!

So my next idea was much easyer! A simple blue base with pink sprinkles! (It goes with my summer dress) How I got my sprinkles, you can see in my next post.. I went a little shopping-crazy down here!

On my blue and pink nails I used these products:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Summer Nails

I decided to do this blog in English, so that more people might actually read it.
The first posts will be translated and rewritten. But it might take some days.

At the present, I am on the Azores, on holiday! The weather here is warm and nice, and therefore I wanted to have summery nails!  Both these designs have been created with Base coat: Diamond strenght from Sally Hansen, and then a base color and a dot of decoration color on top while the base color is still wet. Then I mix them together with a tooth pic. 

Inspired from this vid:

The yellow design I first did with a new polish I found on the azores, but it was impossible to put on... I will try to make it thinner when I get back and see if it gets better!

Here are the first two summer designs! (I also have nail stamps on top)