Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Red Alert!

This is todays design! I wanted something red, and it is definetly red!

I used the following products:

My self-cut striping brush and one other self cut brush, a little larger than the striping one..
Base coat and top coat Kiss diamond nails
Base red: Mavala #53 London
Shimmer red: Depend #91
Gold: H&M Gold
Black: H&M Moonless night

First I applied the two different reds, one coat of each:

Then I put a small drop of the gold polish on a piece of paper and used the striperbrush to make a diagonal line. After lining all my nails, I painted on the other shorter line. (on my pinkie)

Then I filled in one half of my nail with the gold. I used a slightly larger brush, but not a polish brush. After that I traced the edges with the black, and Tadaaaa:


Lucy said...

Very pretty. Thanks for showing each step. I've never done any nail art. I have to try. All the nail blogs are very inspiring.

Kristine said...

Thank you :-) I dont really have a steady hand, so anyone can do this :-)

Gel-Nails said...

Nice Information! Thanks for sharing us........