Saturday, April 4, 2009

Summer Nails

I decided to do this blog in English, so that more people might actually read it.
The first posts will be translated and rewritten. But it might take some days.

At the present, I am on the Azores, on holiday! The weather here is warm and nice, and therefore I wanted to have summery nails!  Both these designs have been created with Base coat: Diamond strenght from Sally Hansen, and then a base color and a dot of decoration color on top while the base color is still wet. Then I mix them together with a tooth pic. 

Inspired from this vid:

The yellow design I first did with a new polish I found on the azores, but it was impossible to put on... I will try to make it thinner when I get back and see if it gets better!

Here are the first two summer designs! (I also have nail stamps on top)

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Lucy said...

Pretty colors. Your nails do look very summery.