Saturday, April 18, 2009

Acrylic paint!

I've tried it again and this time it stays!

I just used a normal basecoat and started painting with my acrylics!
I wanted to do a rainbow and after much struggling I sort of made it!

The uneveness was too visible so I added a layer of gold shimmer!

Much better!!

The problem then was that I could only do the rainbow with my left hand, so I had to come up with someting else on the other hand... I started with a green base color and then I got the idea to do the Brazilian flag! You would think that it would be harder to do with "the wrong hand" than the rainbow, but it wasn't :-D

I'm also working on my photos.. It's really hard to get the colors right...

I need more sunshine :-D


elashaw said...

i always amaze myself with my accuracy when it comes to duplicating what i put on my left hand & put it on my right
i'm right handed, but i with a bit of concentration it works out!
i've noticed though, that i end up holding my toohpick (lol easiest thing ive discovered to doing small designs) still in myleft hand, and guide the design with my right... so technically i really am painting my right hand... with my right hand

oooh enough rambling... lol
can't wait to see what designs/colours you have in store for the future : )

Lucy said...

I love the stripes! Good idea using the glitter. I guess the glitter covers little mistakes?

Kristine said...

Thank you :-)

Glitters a great for covering :-D
And thank you for the "wrong hand" tips :-D