Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Red Red Red

Ok!  This is the start of my nail polish archive! I've started with the last polish I bought, Mavala nr 53 London. And this is only one coat. I must admit I'm still trying to learn all the expressions, and I am wondering if this is a jelly or a cream? :-D Never mind. It is red!

As my second coat I used a depend red sparkly polish, nr 91 I like!!

I will update the post with an outdoor picture in a few hours. And see if I still like it ;-)

So, the first two polishes in my archive :-D


Lucy said...

Pretty polish. Red polish looks sexy and also can look very professional to me. I hadn't worn it in a long time. I had on Mon Cherry by Revlon last week. It's a nice red with a cherry scent.

Kristine said...

Polish with a scent!! Cool! :-D