Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pale Konad Purple

Todays archive color is purple. It is light and sheer. And I have three coats over a clear base. Some of the fingers are opaque, because the coats are thicker. The brand is Vera Valenti nr 11 and I guess it's portugese :-) I also use Konad plate nr M25 and white special polish.

It is more shimmery than in the picture, and I like it! I have a brown color in the same brand, and yay!! They are not just decoration colors :-D

Three down, many many to go.. :-p


Lucy said...

Pretty design. I just recently bought the Konad system. I haven't used it yet.

Kristine said...

You'll love it, but it might take a few tries to master it. Check you tube for good tutorials. That makes it easyer :-)