Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Future plans

I am planning to try out all of my polishes. Quite a job, and I'm afraid it won't be to much fun.. A lot of them are relly hard too put on, and works best as nail art polishes, but I am shure that I will discover some that works like a charm!

Most of my polishes are unknown and cheep, and soon I will have an archive :-D

Wich brings me to my next plan. I really want to work on my pictures, so far I have focused on showing the design, and kind of trying to manipulate it to the right colors.. Now, I'd like to like to find a good setting on my camera for nails, and a good indoor lighting for the sunless days...

And also I'm twittering! And hopefully put my blog "out there"! I've been waiting until I get "really god at this". But why wait? I might never get "really good" :-D

Now I'll go and polish!

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Lucy said...

The best thing to do is just "have at it"! The only way to learn is just to try. It will be nice to see how your skills will develop.