Monday, April 27, 2009

Purple pleasures

Today I changed the background on my phone, (of course it used to be green) and the new one inspired me to choose tonights color :-) In real life the phone and my nails match completely :-D

I painted the stars with a makeup brush, cut down to only a couple of straws. 

This picture shows the color best :-)

I used H&M great looks for the base color, and Moonless night for the star. I changed my mind from yesterday abut the color of moonless night. I'm shure it is black. With a green flash! :-)

It's not easy to get used to recognising polish colors :-s 

I'm still working on how to get the most realistic colors on pictures taken inside, and I am getting closer :-) I also avoided bubbles in my manicure today :-D I googled the subject earlier, and for me, the answer was to avoid water until the manicure is complete and dry :-) Duh..!


Maria said...

Looks very nice :)

Kristine said...

Thank you, Maria :-)
And thanks for beeing my first commenter :-D

Lucy said...

That's a cute manicure. I love the color. Good idea with the makeup brush. I have lots of brushes that I don't use. Especially some that aren't that good. Now I can put them to good use.

Kristine said...

Thank you! Thats an excellent way of getting old brushes too good use :-) I have a long one and a short one.