Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trumpet nails...

My nails today are dedicatet to all trumpet players on a beginner-level ;-)
First of all I did the scittles colors as a fun background, and on the three middle fingers, I wrote 1-2-3 (same as you would write in your music to help yourself push down the right buttons..)

I think this design could revolutionize trumpet teaching :-p

Ok, maybe not, but it was a fun mani to have on a trumpet gig!

I used HM colors on all fingers exept my thumb, who has china glaze, Entourage.

Then i dotted on the numbers with a charcoal from maybelline :-)


Lucy said...

Like your trumpet nails. Pretty and fun.

Mary said...

Cute! I love the gold shade on your middle finger, it's so bright!

Alexlyndra said...

Bra idé som slutade i en härlig och färgglad manikyr! :)