Sunday, May 3, 2009

DIY gel nails

Yes, I decided to try out DIY gel nails from "broadway".

It was a really cheap set (at least cheap here in Norway..) about 20$, so I hope I'm not destroying my nails now...

It is a gel kit that doesn't need UV light and it came with really short tips (perfekt for me!)

I put it on wihtout too much hassel. Here is a picture of the tips without gel.

Then I added two coats of gel with activator inbetween.

And then some color. (And of course after that I realized they needed a LOT of filing...)

The nails are still on my fingers today, but the gel went missing when I removed the polish...

So tonight I will try to apply gel again, and let it dry until tomorrow :-)


Lucy said...

Never have used this kind of product. Are your own nails too short?

Kristine said...

My own nails are too week to grow out, they break very fast. And also I wanted a bigger "canvas" to paint on :-D Next time I'll just try UV gel on my natural nails to strengthen them :-)