Friday, May 29, 2009

Gold and Green, how can it go wrong?

The main color here is one of my new favourites! Its green with a gold shimmer and it is Golden dragon from Gosh! And the pink dots are from no7 (boots brand) I made diffrent patterns with a tooth pick. And decorated with rhine stones. I reaaly like rhne stones, I thought it would be a pain to use and that they would fall off, but no, it's easy and I love it!

I think the picture at the top is most true to the color.


Helen said...

That looks fantastic - I love the green and the dot design together.

Lucy said...

My favorite nail polish color is green. Adorable manicure. Love the dots and rhinestones.

Kristine said...

Thank you :-)

Green is my favourite too! Nail color, clothes an so on ;-)