Saturday, May 23, 2009

Turqoise shiny nails!

Today I will show you a new polish. I found some Allessandro polishes in a local perfume shop. I have only seen french manicure sets from thm earlier, so I was very happy to see this!

I only picked out this color, but I might come back for more! This was the greenest I found, but they had a nice blue as well (more blue than this ;-) )

Alessandro #216 (This picture is tweked and matches bottle color better :-) )


Alexlyndra said...

Jösses vilket snyggt lack! Jag älskar turkos så detta var inte alls fel!

Lucy said...

Nice shade of polish. Looks pretty on you.

Rhea said...

I like the shine it has got and the color looks rich too.