Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nails are off!

I have a part time job at a hotel and I work the breakfast shift. My nails startet to come off on some fingers, and I got scared that I would tear off my real nails at work, so I did my best to remove them on monday night.

I didn't ruin my natural nails, but I have a lot of remains from the gel on my nails.. look terrible!! (I didn't take a picture ;-)) Veeeery soon I'll post a new design, I just need time to dry my mani before I go out in the world.. Cause my latest looks like s**t :-p 

Patience, Kristine.... Patience!

My computer is still at the doctors... But I will try to post a design tonight :-)


Jessie Burkhardt said...

The only way to properly remove gel nails is to have a licensed nail technician file them off. Don't try it yourself, as if you file incorrectly, you could harm your natural nails.

Jessie Burkhardt
Sales/Marketing Coordinator for NSI

Lucy said...

Gosh these sound like a lot of trouble. Hope you can fix them.