Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Inspired by art!

Inspired by what painter? ;-)

I used my HM enchantress Emma and decorated it with lines of black, orange and purple :-)

Finally back to painting nails instead of complaining about the gel stuff ;-)


Mary said...

That looks so cool! What did you use to make the artwork with?

Kristine said...

Thank you :-D
I've cut up an eyeshadowbrush from HM with long bristles. I cut it down so that there is only 4 or 5 hairs left :-)

Brooke said...

Looks cool, kind of like "hairy" nails if that makes sense - lol!

Alexlyndra said...

Cool mani!

Lucy said...

Jackson Pollack on your nails. Love it.

Helen said...

That looks fabulous, real celebration nails.

Am off to read the rest of your blog now!

Will add you to my blogroll too - I hope that's ok :0)

Kristine said...

Brooke: Thanks! It makes sense :-D

Alexlyndra: Thank you:-)

Lucy: :-D Actually my inspiration was Miro, but Pollack is what it ended up like :-D

Helen: Thanks :-D I'll add yours too mine as well :-)